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"Special" Andy

Andy was "special" - he had three legs.  However, he wasn't born that way.  Andy's lifestyle-change took place when many would have considered him to be middle-aged. 

It happened one evening in a Wisconsin wood while he was in hot pursuit of a raccoon.  Andy climbed a tree which was hanging out over a steep hillside.  Then, attempting to turn around on a limb, he fell.  All in all, Andy dropped some thirty feet.  He broke one of his legs which eventually had to be amputated. 

You see, Andy was a registered bluetick coonhound.  For the most part, he had always been a "silent trailer" - meaning that he limited his voice on the trail.  Indeed, Andy surprised a lot of raccoon.  However, after his accident this all changed. 

Andy was frequently allowed the privilege of a solitary run (he was physically unable to handle much more than this).  In the course of time, Andy converted.  Out of necessity he became an "open trailer."  This older dog somehow learned that in order to put a coon up a tree, he had to break his silence.  Instead of speed, he started depending on the sound of his voice.  Yes, to get what he wanted required change.  The fact is, if a three-legged coonhound can recognize the need for change, so should we! 

More importantly, Jesus told His disciples that change was not only possible, it was actually a prerequisite for getting a foot in heaven.  He firmly stated, ". . . I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:3, NIV).  Have you changed? 

© 1998 Tom Rakow.  All rights reserved.

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