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Raccoon Hunting Basics and Beyond

Raccoon Hunting Basics and Beyond


A "simulated hunt" is an attempt to develop a dog's basic skills so that it may eventually run and tree a raccoon.  Of primary importance in a simulated hunt is the scent of a coon.


To set up this type of mock hunt, an individual can use a fresh road kill, raccoon hide, or commercial scent.  Some people may be in a position to use a tame coon or so-called "lead coon" to make a trail.


It should be noted that in certain states, picking up a road kill may be illegal unless you have a special license -- so be sure to check your state's hunting regulations.  As far as a raccoon hide goes, you will probably be able to purchase one from an area fur buyer or, better yet, skin out a road kill.  A hide that is frozen need not be thawed for every training session.  After using it on a simulated hunt, simply return the hide to a bag and put it in the freezer.  Remember that if you do choose to keep a hide in a plastic bag in a freezer for training or storage purposes, be careful not to contaminate any food.


Raccoon scent can usually be ordered through ads in appropriate hunting magazines.  Whereas smaller quantities, which are used by some archery hunters as a type of "cover scent," will be found in many sporting goods stores or departments.  Apply this to a rag or cloth and drag with a rope or string.

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