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Messianic Psalms

Messianic Psalms


An inductive Bible study for serious students of the Scriptures!

Learn how to begin studying the Bible inductively.
Discover the rich cultural background of the Psalms.
Gain an appreciation of how the Psalms were constructed.
Find ways the Messiah's ministry was foretold in detail.
Enrich your understanding of New Testament passages.

Messianic Psalms works great for both individual and small group Bible studies. In addition, the life changing truths gleaned from these in-depth studies can be written in the book and then kept for future reference. You will never look at the Psalms the same again.

About the author:
Phillip G. Wahlbeck received Jesus Christ as Savior as a high-school teenager. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois where he was blessed by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship which has a strong emphasis on student-led inductive Bible studies. Dr. Wahlbeck serves as a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry at Wichita State University with research programs in the area of high temperature chemistry. The Faculty-Staff Bible Study Group at Wichita State University has been an important area of witness, service, and spiritual growth. He has been a member of the Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, Kansas for many years and has served as a Sunday School teacher. Phillip and wife Donna Wahlbeck were married during graduate school studies. They have been blessed with three children who love the Lord: Debra Cappella, Paul, and Beth Rakow.

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