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Hunting & The Bible

Hunting & The Bible


Dr. Tom C. Rakow, Founder and Executive President of a non-profit, interdenominational ministry to deer hunters (Christian Deer Hunters Association), wrote this series in response to the overwhelming lack of information and research in this field. Each booklet is heavily researched and well documented. Dr. Rakow has studied the Bible in its original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. This series presents a biblical world view approach to hunting issues which are important to non-hunters and hunters alike.


In Hunting and the Bible you will:
*Find out how people hunted in Bible times.
*Learn about the existence of ancient hunting lists.
*Aquire a knowledge of the Scriptures regarding God's concern for animals and birds.
*Discover specific hunting regulations contained in the Old Testament.
*Gain insight into what the Scriptures say concerning modern-day hunting practices . . . and more!

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