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Hunting Arguments

Hunting Arguments


"While Hunting Arguments  is an important read for hunters of all ages, I especially recommend Dr. Rakow’s book to young hunters who live in a world where the opposition to hunting is not only increasing, it is aggressively growing. The insights offered in Hunting Arguments are Biblically sound and intelligently stated and can provide a good foundation of both truth and fact for the hunter to use." - Steve Chapman - Author of A Look at Life from a Deer Stand and A Hunter Sets His Sights.


"As a seminary President, professor of Old Testament language and theology, minister of the gospel, and hunter, I have read Hunting Arguments with great interest. Dr. Rakow’s arguments, analysis, and application of Scripture are dead-on target. He has cut through both the nonsense of anti-hunting antagonists and shallowness of some pro-hunting advocates in presenting a solidly biblical defense and explanation of hunting. It is possible—as it is for every action of the Christian—to hunt to the glory of God. I recommend the book." - Michael P.V. Barrett, PhD - President of Geneva Reformed Seminary and author of:


"Dr. Rakow has put together a thought provoking and helpful book that brings out the scriptural truths pertaining to God’s amazing creation and the animals that inhabit it. I was impressed with the balanced, scriptural wisdom that Dr. Rakow brings to this subject. As the executive director of a Christian conservation group with the goal of encouraging people to enjoy and care for God’s great outdoors, I would highly recommend this book. Thinking these issues through will only serve to positively influence the ethical standards of those of us in the Christian community  who enjoy hunting and fishing. As Dr. Rakow points out, we can all grow in our understanding that, “all things great and small, seen and unseen, human and non-human, have been made to bring glory and honor to the living God!”" - Russ L. Hall - Executive Director, Wilderness International Inc.


"Hunting Arguments well worth the read whether you are a hunter or a non-hunter, a Christian or non-Christian.- Al Smith - Outdoor Editor of The Crescent-News in Defiance, Ohio

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