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Devotions for Bird Hunters

Devotions for Bird Hunters


Whether one’s passion is quail hunting in the south, pheasant hunting in the north, or calling gobblers in the spring — Devotions for Bird Hunters will prove to be an inspiration to everyone who enjoys being out in the field. Devotions for Bird Hunters is a unique collection of twenty-five devotional entries composed by eight different authors from various parts of the country.


This little devotional book not only contains some entertaining bird hunting experiences, but it also conveys essential biblical truth. Each devotional entry begins with a suggested Scripture reading from the Bible, tells a true story or experience, and then concludes with a brief prayer. The book itself is small enough to stick in a pocket, but the font is still large enough to be read in the hunting blind. On the back cover of the book the reader will find a poem titled The Bird Hunter’s Prayer which is worthy of committing to memory.


Christians who bird hunt will especially find Devotions for Bird Hunters a fun and fascinating read, but so will those hunters outside of the faith. This is a wonderful tool specifically designed to help bird hunters of all kinds migrate toward Christ. Currently available for $12.95.


Authors who contributed entries to Devotions for Bird Hunters include:

Gerry Calliouett - Ohio

 Boyd Carlson  - Minnesota

 Dan Field - Illinois

 Dr. Joey Hancock - Georgia 

 Chaplain Dan Holmes - Minnesota

 Dr. Jackie A. McCullough - Iowa

 Blair Radney - Maryland

 Dr. Tom Rakow - Minnesota

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