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Devotions for Hunters and Anglers

Devotions for Hunters and Anglers

Known for his practical and fascinating devotions, Dr. Rakow has pulled together sixty that deal with hunting and angling.  This is a great gift for the hunter or fisherperson in your life!!!  Every entry has a scripture passage to read and then a story or personal experience tied in the scriptural point.  You don’t have to hunt or fish to enjoy this book.  It’s a great read for anyone, young or old!!


“Devotions for Hunters & Anglers is without a doubt the best devotional geared toward outdoors people that I have ever read. The title of the book says it’s for hunters and anglers, but you don’t have to hunt or fish to enjoy and benefit from the devotions in this book….” Caara Holmstrom, known as the “Cougar Lady”, Owner of Paul Bunyan’s Animal Land near Bemidji, MN

“Dr. Tom Rakow has taken everyday life issues and tied them to a wide variety of outdoor experiences everyone can relate to…. This is a powerful devotional to place in anyone’s hands, no matter what their relationship with Jesus Christ!” Gerry Caillouet, National Host of God’s Great Outdoors Radio Program.

“What a great reading experience to be shared with the whole family! This book is excellent reading for EVERYONE who lives on God’s green earth.” Adam Doro, Owner/Publisher of Rub-Lines Whitetail Magazine.